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Our Approach

Our approach is to provide our clients with a short form questionnaire and quiz to determine their initial concerns and goals. We ask our clients to fill out this questionnaire prior to the first consultation. This not only facilitates a more productive first meeting, but helps our clients focus on the issues and decisions they must make in order to develop the most effective plan to meet their goals.

At the initial consultation we provide the client with our general recommendations and a fee quote for the services we will be providing. After the meeting they will be provided with a retainer agreement which they may sign electronically or via hard copy.

We next schedule the design meeting where we clarify the goals of each client and prepare to personalize their estate plan for their needs and family. We firmly believe that ongoing communication is an essential element of developing an effective plan, and building a life-long relationship with our clients.

We also believe that no client should sign any document without a comprehensive understanding of its content and the ramifications thereof. To that end, we dedicate a significant amount of time prior to the signing of documents at the review meeting. It allows us to explain each section of the plan, and answer any questions that have come up in the process before they sign.

Once documents are signed, we work directly with our clients, or with you, or both, to ensure funding. Through these regular touch points we keep clients informed about changes in the law that might affect them, and remind them to monitor their plans with regard to major life events.

A trust administration lawyer in Rocklin and Roseville, CA helping her clients fill out legal documents

Your Approach

Every professional organization has different processes, and different methods for interacting with clients. We are happy to work within your processes, or blend our respective methodologies. Our primary goal is to serve the needs of clients and we welcome the opportunity to serve them within the team environment.


Client Education

Please explore our video library for a collection of informative content on estate planning topics. We’ve curated numerous videos that can serve as valuable resources for client education.


Joint Marketing

We are happy to work with you to speak to your clients or prospects on estate planning issues, including basic estate planning, charitable giving strategies, generation-skipping and other advanced topics, business succession, or asset protection. Please call the office if you would like to plan a workshop or a “Client Appreciation Event.”

We Look Forward
to Meeting with You

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